Casa Don Bosco

Casa Don Bosco has five centers in Caracas, Valencia and Puerto la Cruz serving a total of 200 children. These children are in critical poverty and abandoned. Director Father Victor Tarazona and Director Alberto Khourzy devote their lives to serving these vulnerable children.

  • Casa Don Bosco in Caracas serves 10 children who were in a state of neglect.
  • Casa Don Bosco in Valencia serves 100 children from 10 years of age and up in critical poverty or abandoned.
  • Casa Don Bosco in Puerto la Cruz) serves 30 kids and 40 teenagers at social risk, in critical poverty or abandoned and living in the street. The goal of director Alberto Khourzy is to educate the children to be men of God.

We the Children is sending them meals with the nutrients and calories necessary for their development and growth.